Join PKIFED as Higher Education Institute

Below is the category of organization that fall under Pakistan Higher Education Institute category for both public and private institution:

  • University / University College
  • College / Community College
  • Research Institute under Unversity

An organization part of the PERN (Pakistan Education & Research Network) may operate an Identity Provider (IdP) to serve as Home Organization for its users and it may operate AAI-enabled web resources (Service Providers, SP).

Becoming a PKIFED Member

The PKIFED Federation Policy is the core document where all rights and obligations are listed. To participate in PKIFED as Higher Edcuation Institute, your organization has to be part of the PERN (Pakistan Education & Research Network) and request the PKIFED Service.

Technical Information

In order to technically join the federation it is of course necessary to install and configure an Identity Provider and optionally Service Provider. PKIFED Federation strongly recommends to use the open source implementation Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLphp. For that purpose, PKIFED Federation will provide installation instructions and How-To manuals. Please contcat at for assistance.

PKIFED Membership Form :

To become a PKIFED Member, your organization needs to be part of the PERN (Pakistan Education & Research Network). All PERN connected Universities / Colleges may submit their membership form on Support email address: The federation may request additional information with regard to participating institution.

Membership Form